Planbuilder/training with no specific events

Hello everybody.
Since this is my first post let me introduce myself.
I’m Rob, 35 years old from The Netherlands.

I’ve been doing unstructured cycling for a very long time now but noticed i’m not making real improvements anymore.
I tried Zwift training to begin with, but i did not like it.
(Way to much unnessecery input.)

Then I came across Trainerroad through the youtube channel and decided to use it as my new road to better fitness.

My goal is to have a better overall fitness for the different cycling diciplines i do.
(Road riding, CX, and MTB.)
I’m not riding in any events, I just want to get faster.

Now I saw the planbuilder and I looked very handy, but I noticed you have to enter events.
Is there a way i can still use it for my traininggoals ?
Or should I just stick with a low volume alteration between base and build with the added fun rides I normaly would do ?

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No one who can help ?
(Or did I just asked a dumb question thats not worth replying to ?)

You don’t need any planned events to use the Plan Builder. Just follow the prompts. As you can see in the screenshot above, with no events it will ask you for a primary discipline instead.


Thanks ! :smiley:

Somehow I completely missed the greyed out “I’m not training for an event” button in the app.
Now just to figure out what dicipline to chose since I do all of them about equal.
I’m guessing the one i’m least good at and practice the least in my “fun rides”. (Rolling road race) :thinking: