Plan Builder with no events?

If I were to create a plan through PB without entering any events, what does it do? I’m looking at options for my wife. She’s just returning to training after some health issues. No events planned this year, and probably none until Summer 2024. PB is easy, but if it’s going to give her 6+ months of base/build/base/build/repeat, she’s going to get bored. Will PB add in some speciality blocks to mix it up?

Edit - I’m using PB LV myself, supplementing with unstructured outdoor rides, and like it. But I have a full schedule of A and B races, so the blocks are always appropriate and I’m not stagnating or bored.

  • TL:DR, you will get Specialty if there is enough time in per the typical TR plan duration.

Yup, if you have enough time on the calendar from your set end date, it gives a mix of all 3 phases (including Specialty)

Ex: Oct 2023 to 2024:

And see how I get 2 rounds of Specialty. Some may depend on your Experience set too, so those are worth a test and review to see the differences (if any) before accepting.




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