Plan Builder Questions

The Plane Builder is great but what can I do if a don’t have specific dates, I know by experience in what month they gonna do the race. I can plan according to that, but the plan builder it’s going to update by self if I change the date or add more race to them?

Per the Plan Builder Overview: (2nd paragraph bold and split out for emphasis, since that applies here.)

Step 5: Events

Add your goal events. These can be cycling events, triathlons, or even stage races. We recommend adding at least 1 “A” priority event for your season.

If you don’t have any events you are training for select “I’m Not Training For an Event”, and you can have a plan built to just make you faster in general.

Right now, it is an either/or proposition. If you choose the 2nd option, it is my understand that the PB will NOT update.

So, if you want to have the option of adding events in the future, you should add one as a place holder. Then you will be in the “Event” side of the option.

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Can’t you just plan the race on the earliest date you expect it and when it is moved by 2-3 weeks that just gives you some extra padding/time?

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I’m already almost done, on my last week of SSB I, is there a way to remove a phase from the plan build without having to manually move everything around in the calendar? So I want to build a plan starting next week but remove the first build phase entirely

the only way I found to do that was to backdate the start of the plan, it actually did not added any workout on past date and I had to then remove the duplicate workouts for the current week, not too big of a deal.

When adding an event to the plan, there is an option to enter duration and intensity. What are they exactly for? Can’t find information on this.

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Last night I setup my A event, here it is:

It is a big climbing ride over the Sierras and back. I’m a slow climber, so I put 8 hour duration and set intensity at 7 (Hard). It uses those two values to estimate the TSS at 436. If I increase intensity to 8 the estimated TSS will go up. Decrease intensity to 6 and estimated TSS will go down.

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So the time is goal finish time? So in your case, is 8 hours your goal or expected finish time?
And I’m still not clear on what the intensity is for?
In my case, putting all out for a half Ironman would probably mean falling a part after the swim. But maybe more applicable for a sprint distance.

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In the case of an tri event, almost certain the duration is just for the bike portion. And yes, I did that same ride a few years ago and it was 8 hours because I’m a slow climber (although Garmin has the 24 mile descent home at -3% as a personal best 40K :rofl: ).

That wizard will use duration and intensity to estimate TSS. You can manually override it too, here I’m going to set TSS to the ridiculous value of 999:

and that ridiculous TSS will show up in my training load:

Pretty sure the only impact of changing TSS is on the training load chart. In other words, changing event TSS from 50 to 800 won’t impact the plan you get from Plan Builder. The TSS is only used in your training load chart.

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Yeah, agree, I don’t think the plan builder takes the additional event information into account, just the type of event.

And the Intesity should be seen as IF - so for longer events, the recommendation is to go down.

The intensity is for calculating TSS, which is not so important for your A-event (as the plan ends there) But for your B and C events along the way, TSS and intensity is important for how the plan shall be built around these, how much recovery is neccessary etc.


I believe it’s so they can estimate your TSS and thus calculate your tapper and recovery weeks.

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I am in the same boat, waiting for the local series to release the dates of races. I am thinking about using the plan builder and select Not Training for an event and then once the race dates are released I go and remove the plan from my calendar and go back into plan builder and add my events at least this way I have some sort of structured base/build training. Not sure if this is the correct thing to do but it’s worth a try.

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You could always just start with Sweet Spot Base 1 via the “old” way, especially if you expect your main event(s) to be 20-28 weeks out.

Then you can add a Plan Builder version with a post date start, once you have the official dates, and let it adjust from there.

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I’ve been digging around in case this was already discussed but … is there a way to delete the current plan to start over? I was supposed to start the first week of Jan. but I got a horrid stomach bug. So I moved the start date fine but it did not delete the old plan so I have double workouts with different start dates. Can you help?

Find the “Training Plan” annotation at the starting week.
Open it and you will have a trash bin icon to delete it.

I have a plan in place that I’ve been following and now have to travel for work for the next two weeks. Do I have to start over completely with Plan Builder with the date I return or are there alternative ways to handle it? I don’t really want to start over and also reenter my events, but will, of course, if that is the way it works…

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, but I am not finding it with the Search function. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your event will remain even if you delete the PB plan.

And until they release the adjustment options for vacations and such, a restart seems the only real option.

Sorry, I’m sure this is on here, but have not found the answer; I have a 4 day stage race at beginning of April - do I input 4 A races on the consecutive days so that plan builder has all the info? Thanks

When you define your events in the plan builder, Stage Race is the very bottom option in the drop-down box (it’s well hidden - you’ll probably have to scroll down to find it).