Plan(training and nutrition) feedback welcomed

I have a 200 mile Gravel Event Oct. 24th that I want to get serious about actually performing well rather than just surviving. I’ve been working on working out a training and nutrition plan. I think the training aspect of it I’ve got a good handle on. Nutrition I seem to struggle with but believe I’m seeing the picture come into focus.

I would love some feedback on my plans to tackle this event.

TrainerRoad plan progression:

I put in all the details to plan builder and it kicked out this:

General Build
Rolling Road Specialty

This didn’t seem right to me and I chose to go with this:

Sustained Power Build
Century Specialty

All these are of the Mid-Volume flavor. I am capable and have logged longer weeks but I went MV to allow some flexibility in some outdoor riding. The MV plans tend to go:


I plan to add a 45 minute endurance workout on Friday’s, unless I can manage a weekday outdoor ride(generally these are in the 2-3 hour range) at which point i would probably skip both the Wednesday and Friday endurance spins.

Longer interval duration workouts will be done outside if possible.(Love this feature!)


I currently weight ~180lbs and am 6’1" tall.

I’ve had great success logging and tracking my calorie intake and expenditure(6 years ago I weighed 240lbs) But I feel like there is alot of low hanging fruit to really improve my performance by adjusting how I’m eating.

Plan is the endurance rides will be completed in a fasted state(done early morning after a cup of coffee, before breakfast) in an attempt to improve fat utilization.

Intensity rides will be done as best as possible 2-3 hours after a meal and will be fueled on bike, shooting for ~90g carbs per hour.

Base daily caloric needs seem to be ~2300-2400 cal to maintain my weight.

Aiming for 1.5g/KG protein
Aiming for 20-25% of my daily calories from fat
Remainder will be Carbs

Attempting to limit amount of processed foods, but lets be realistic a straight up elimination of any certain thing tends to make us crave it more.

Am I way off track on any of this?

A few books I’d recommend on nutrition:

The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald
The Scratch Labs Series of cookbooks.

I’ve found that the Scratch books have some really easy on the bike food recipes. They also have good daily meals that are easy to adapt and can get everyone eating similarly. This has been a great way for me to cut down on the processed stuff like cliff bars and gels unless I really need them.

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