Advice on this training plan?

Hi guys,

I’ve have been on trainer road for the last three years ans made steady progress. Over the past two year my progress have been impaired by recurring illness. In such a way I would crash over and over by the end of SSB2. So I was stuck redoing SSB over and over.

This year I decided to start my program after 3-4 months of very inconsistent riding with a round of TB3LV before hitting SSBMV. I decided to do the SSB plan modification suggested by chad Mcneese 4-3-3.

Now one of my targets is to do a 2400km tour over 15 days solo/part with the kids this summer. And as such I was pondering with replacing the last sunday workout by the corresponding endurance workout to devellop this low endurance aspect. Would this be beneficial? In SSB? Build? Specialty?

My plan involves doing SSB MV, Sustained Power build MV and climbing Road race MV and then enjoy a high volume of summer riding with group races maybe a couple of sportive and a few road races on top of the tour.

Any take on that? It is very pleasing to see My FTP is higher than it was at the same point last year. Also I’ll get a 4iiii before the outside season kicks in in late april-early may.