240 Gravel Event - What Training Plan?

Hi all. I’m looking to get feedback in putting together a training plan for 240 gravel event on August 15th. It’s a midnight start and you have 24 hours to complete it. It’s called the DAMn (Day Across MN). I am wondering what people would recommend for something like like this or the DK200.

When using plan builder I am only getting 2 hr max rides and know I’ll need longer rides when I will be on the bike for 20-22 hrs. How do I build a thoughtful plan by adding longer rides while keep the structure and intensity within a proper plan?

Thanks for any feedback or ideas!

If you are following a Mid or High Volume plan, read the weekly tips in each plan (in the web and once placed on your calendar). Those tips include a recommended Endurance (Z2) ride that can be used instead of the default Sweet Spot workout. Feel free to follow that recommendation and take it outside to get in the longer, easier rides.

Thanks Chad. I’ll check that out. Does it provide recommendations of length of time outdoor rides as part of an overall building plan?

The outside ride version of the inside Endurance ride is equal. You can go longer, and may need to in order to get close to the planned TSS (due to losses like pedaling, stops and such when outside).

Ultimately, consider what you need to add in your training from a fueling, duration, and experience longer saddle time. It’s about considering your planned needs, and reasonably replicate here. That doesn’t mean you need 5-10 hour rides, but enough to know you can take that shorter 2-4 hour time and stretch it with appropriate adjustments.

Awesome. Thanks.

When building this plan, it asks about intensity which sets the TSS goals. What is the intensity for a 20-24 gravel ride/race? It’s going to be brutally hard but not necessarily high intensity most of the time. A more measured effort. Thanks again!

I’m no expert on planning for something that long, but I suspect something around 0.5 IF (intensity factor) is a decent starting point.

Hey there,
I did the DAMn race last in 2019. Great ride. Lots of tips and tricks if you’re interested, let me know and I can offer some.
Get out and ride a bunch!

I felt like I did pretty good (for me) at DK 200 last year, followed up by the Michigan coast2coast, 3 weeks later.

I followed the plan for the most part. I added in a few 60 something mile, races here and there.

But, basically I just started by doing a few 2 hour z2 rides, and then every week I was adding 30 minutes. I got up to doing a few very long rides. I think my longest training ride was 135 miles.

In my opinion you want to get a few 100 mile races in before the big 200+ race. A race is going to give you great training, better than long rides in my opinion. You get the proper motivation and are able to really mentally commit to doing the proper fueling and using your good equipment.

Otherwise stick to the plan. Don’t try and get a ton of volume in during the week, just do the TR workouts. The sweet spot and VO2 workouts will get that FTP up and improve your muscular endurance.

Finally, this is just an opinion. But if you can ride a 100 miles strong on gravel, you can ride more more more. It becomes a mental game after a certain distance. I am not in the camp that you need to really get very close to your race target distance. Good luck and have fun… you know, type 2 fun.

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