Plan scheduling around C race

So there is an unofficial gravel “race” locally coming up in a couple weeks.
The way the calendar works out, it falls at the end of a recovery week in SSB1 mid.
It seems like that is perfect for the race. A little about the race, it’ll be a really big day on the bike. Probably 5-6 hrs with 3+ hours of that being serious steep climbing.

My question, is what I should do with my training plan schedule wise?
Does it make sense to take some more recovery time after the race before rejoining the SSB1 mid?
I actually have an extra week or two in the calendar before my A race on Labor day.

Thanks for any insight

IMO, it’s not an A race so don’t change your training schedule unless you’re very fatigued after the race and need a little extra recovery.

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I wouldn’t change a thing. Business as usual. Get a solid recovery in, sleep, protein, etc and get to work when the plan starts on Tuesday.

The fact that it falls on what is essentially already a taper week is perfect. Following the event, gauge your fatigue and adjust your training accordingly. You may want to take a few days off or add in some recovery rides before retesting your FTP and getting into the heavier interval workouts.

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