Plan Progression

So I wanted to ask about plan progression and in particular during these Covid times with little to no mass start events on the horizon. I have been working through winter following Base and Build (general and sustained) plans. I am about to come to the end of General Build High Volume and at a bit of a loss as to where to go from here without any events in the pipeline. Living in Ireland we are still in a stringent lockdown with very little opportunity to ride outside.

Any suggestions on plan progression to keep up fitness / maintain power? How many times can / should you repeat build plans?!

Short and sweet, the undirected instructions have been:

  1. Do a Base phase
  2. Then a Build phase
  3. Return to Base phase, and do another Build… repeat as needed.

Doing back to back Builds is not commonly recommended.


Perfect, nice and succinct. Back to ‘Base’ so and hopefully some outdoor riding too.

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