2 Build Phases back-to-back?

Hey all,

I’m new to structured training and thus TrainerRoad. I have been mountain biking for years, but never really paid attention, or even knew about, FTP, watts, vO2, etc until recently. I started on the Sweet Spot Base Mid Vol back in mid-November, and now on week 5 of the 8 week Build Phase, General Build.

Since starting the structured training, my FTP went from 200 to my current 260 as of this morning’s ramp test (thanks TrainerRoad!). I’m pretty happy with my progress and would love to keep the progression going.

My question is this, since I don’t have any races scheduled until July and August can I do another Build Phase, but now focus on the Sustained Power Build and push out the specialty build? (I’m doing the Tahoe 100k Leadville Qualifier, then Leadville the following month), Thus, my training would look like this:

  • Base Phase, Sweet Spot Base, Mid Vol
  • Build Phase General Build, Mid Vol
  • Build Phase Sustained Power Build, Mid Vol
  • Specialty Phase Cross Country Marathon, Mid Vol

Or should I go ahead and continue onto the Specialty Phase this time around, then once complete, restart another Phase 1, 2, and 3?

Any input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!


Here is a link to some existing info and discussion on Back to Back Builds

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Great, thanks for the link!

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I think if you asked Plan Builder, it would recommend either SSB 1 or SSB 2 to fill that gap, based on “new to structured training”.

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@jpowers, yeah, after checking out the info from Chad above, it seems that back-to-back build phases are discouraged unless you’re a seasoned rider due to the high demands on the body. I may do SSB1 or just continue on to the Specialty phase, and then start again with my new FTP. Thanks for your input.