Specialty phase for non-racer? Skip and restart base?

Hi all, so I thought I had the training for the year pretty much figured out, then this coronavirus situation happened. I guess this is the case for many people. In my case, my main goals this year was to do a long ride around Lake Geneva (about 200 km), which is not possible right now due to the closed borders. The other target was to get below 10 minutes on a nearby climb, as well as to maybe do a long alp climb.

Over the last year and a half, I started on low volume base build, then did mid volume base build twice. So far this season I completed SSB I and II on mid volume, combined with some skiing. With the premature end of the ski season and extra time due to work from home, I swapped the last half of sustained build to high volume, which I am finishing this week. Nominally, my plan after this was to do the century specialty and the long lake ride in the coming month or two. Now I am considering two options:

  1. Continue as planned and do century plan high volume
  2. Start over with SSB high volume

Any input on these alternatives? I am leaning towards doing high volume base. I think outdoor rides will be curtailed for a while, since I am not too interested in biking outside during the crisis, owing to the risk of crashes with an overburdened health care system. Long term my only goal is to improve fitness/ftp and get better at long rides and in particular long climbs.


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That’s what I am doing and my goals are the same as yours. I’m about to finish General Build and am going to go back to base and then build again until this is all over.

It’s being discussed in another thread below that’s worth checking out as well.


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