Plan deviation - leave intended workout or delete

So, like many of you I’d imagine, we skip workouts or things just get naturally shuffled around. This week as an example I had nothing in my plan for Friday but as I was off work (and knowing that the turbo will be in heavy use) I took the opportunity to get outside for a couple of hours. (2 hours 10 minutes, 108 TSS - mainly Z2 type work).

Today I was supposed to be doing Carpathian Peak +2 (90 mins / 116 TSS), tomorrow I have Juneau -1 (2 hours / 129 TSS) however having ridden Friday it was always likely I would drop either of those workouts and today I won’t be training. I have decided to skip CPeak+2 and proceed with Juneau -1 tomorrow.

So my question, do you leave skipped workouts on the calendar or remove? I’m leaning toward removal but I do wonder if leaving them there would serve as good data when reviewing progression (or lack of).

I delete them if I replaced them (as you did) or rearranged my plan to compensate for it (e.g. in case of longer illness). Leave them in otherwise and make usually a note why I skipped them.