Planbuilder - Putting A race date in early to cater for holiday

I am not subscribing to TR at the moment so apologies if this is obvious when using it. Plan is to resubscribe later this month.

I have 3 known weeks of holiday and downtime when know I cannot train meaningfully ahead of my A race.

Rather than put in the correct date for an A race could (or should) I put in a date 3 weeks early to generate a plan then push the 3 individual weeks back out?

This way I get the right A race date and can cater for the holidays (when likely to be riding but not structured).

Any thoughts?

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Anyone know if this will work? I now have an ‘A race’ planned and want to get cracking on TR.

Tried it and advise (with current functionality) for nobody to do this.

Net result was manually clearing down a number of weeks due to ‘breaking’ the plan.

I am avoiding planbuilder for now and plan to use standard base/build with some tweaks.