Adjust training plan when you started late

Ok, si I have another dumb question (sorry, still in my learning curve, and it’s steep ! )

I discovered TR at the end of May, because I wanted to get better on the road. I don’t race, I’m not on any team, I only have an entry level Orbea with Claris transmission. I just enjoy cycling for the sake of it and to stay a minimum fit.

So here’s my issue : I started SSB1 LV at the beginning of June, which means I’ll finish the specialty plan at the end of December, and then start again for 2021. Which means I’ll reach peak form another 28 weeks later, at the end of July. This doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense as I understand that most people start their training in October.

My question is: should I skip the build and specialty phases for now and simply concentrate on building base (I desperately need to work on aerobic endurance and VO2 max, I think), so I can start a real proper cycle in October ? Or would it set me back ? I’m starting SSB2 Lv this week, so maybe do 2 sers of those, and start again with SSB1 ?

I don’t know if I’m making any sense ?
My purpose is to feel good on the bike when I’m outside on it starting April…

You’re planning the wrong direction - Start with your objective, and plan backwards to find a start date.

Since you’re fairly new, try playing with the new plan builder. Since you want to feel good in April, Make a fake race to add to your calendar as an ‘A’ Race that matches whatever type of riding you do (rolling road race, marathon mtb, etc) and let plan builder build backwards. You can set the start date for now and it should handle the rest.


I completely agree with @Stephano.

I would just add that any phase of the plan will bring you gains.

Since you are not a racer, just use plan builder with no end date. Just match the plan to your type of riding.

IMO you don’t need to try to reach the peak in a specific month to meet your goals. Just keep moving the cranks

thanks a lot for the advice, I will do just that !

And yeah, I’m aware I really basically need to just pedal more, but I wanted to be sure I got it right, and am not under or over training. There is a lot of info out there to sort out ! And following laid out plans is my favoured way of learning.

and thanks @Stephano also for your useful answer

I just looked up plan builder for your scenario, with target fitness in April, and it recommended:

Base> Build> Base> Build> Speciality

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