3-week vs 4-week build/recover

I’m curious to hear what people do to work around this.

The plans seem to have mostly a 5/1 scheme, but for those athletes that do a 2/1 or 3/1 schedule do y’all just add in a rest week?

Use the “train now” feature to find appropriate options?


What are y’all’s thoughts?

Also, would be interesting if there was an option, like in your profile or somewhere, or even in the plan builder, to select a 2/1 vs 3/1 set-up.

  • Can you share a reference to the plans you are viewing?

  • I ask because the typical TR plans are 5/1 for Sweet Spot Base, while the Build & Specialty are usually 3/1. You can see this when you view the various plans on their website.

  • If you are making these comments based upon what is applied to your Calendar as built using Plan Builder, it is not necessarily the “norm”. Plan Builder will modify the timing of all applied plan phases on your Calendar within the scope of your target event, as well as other events or planned skipped times (like vacation annotations).

You’re right. I’m looking at it wrong. Sorry!

This is what happens when you have a sick kid and you’re sleep deprived. I edited my original question (to be correct).

Thanks Chad-but-not-Chad!