Missing Recovery week in AT

I’m on an Adaptive training plan since 13th September, peaking for a week in May ’22.
Thoroughly enjoying it and so far it just seems to work!
I have noticed however, that from 23rd November until 18th January ’22 there are no recovery weeks built in. 8 weeks of hard work which will probably tip me over the edge as well as being at odds with all other normal TR plans.
Base plans have 5 weeks of work then a recovery week, Build has 3 hard weeks then a recovery week. My plan looks like I start a Build phase starting 23rd November, recovery week on week 4 as per normal Build plans, then another 3 weeks of hard work. At this stage you would normally get another recovery week at the end of the Build plan, but my plan doesn’t have it and I’m launched straight into 6 weeks of Base 2!!!
I’m 58 yrs old and if anything need a little more rest, though am happy to take the standard allotted recovery weeks.
I tried TR support but the advice given was to delete the plan and rebuild it and experiment with experience levels? I’m an experienced rider and have used TR a number of years.
Has anyone had the same issue with extended weeks of training without any recovery week in a training plan and should I just suck it up or is this unusual?