Plan builder proposal

Hi all,

Plan builder gave me a proposal of training this next season that seems strange to me. It seems that I will do 6 weeks of base, 6 weeks of build, 6 weeks of base, 6 weeks of build, 6 weeks of base and 6 weeks of specialty.

I’m posting this on this forum because I have never seen a periodized training alternating between base and build. I’d say that the normal thing to do is first a complete base and a build thereafter.

Any thoughts?


Mine looks similar. The reasoning behind it was discussed in a podcast but I can’t remember when.
In short, as I understand it the “standard” base build specialty progression is 28 weeks. If you have more it will not just make the phases longer but alternate.
Reasons being if I remember correctly a mix between “making it more interesting” and getting better adaptations.

Guess that makes particular sense for something like a Century or long distance tri plan which is all about sustained power and so going from Base straight into Specialty is logical. Not sure it would work through for something like a crit plan where you need short power? Assume for those you’d want to do a more traditional Build before going into Specialty/

Yeah, also I think it takes your level of experience with structured intervals. The less you’ve done it the more you benefit from base. And I guess SSB in particular.

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Ok, thank you all for your replies