Plan builder outside with no power meter?

So I’m looking to start a TR program for the first time. I ride indoors (with a kickr core) and outside (with no power meter) . Once a plan is provided everything is fine as long as I stay on the kickr. But what happens if I put in a 3 hour ride outside. Am I able to upload a ride from my wahoo bolt into the plan and then the plan will adjust accordingly? Or is it in my best interest to stay bound to the plan? Obviously I want to ride outside but without a power meter and being able to run a plan outside because of it, what are my options ?

You can use the RPE based option, for the outside workouts:

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If you ride outside (without TR) then the ride will sync to your TR Calendar and you can edit the ride (in the calendar) to input a perceived effort. From that input TR will create a TSS score for that ride which you can have contribute to your weekly training tss. But it won’t adjust your workouts in your training plan per se, you would have to do that manually.

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Will the RPE workout be pushed to my head unit so I have prompts?

That does, thanks. Will the RPE workout be pushed to my head unit so I have prompts during my ride?

I am not sure about the interface on the head unit when you choose the RPE option.

Maybe @bryce can tell us or point us in the right direction.

If anyone knows, that would be great. Would be the difference between trying and not.

Try it. One month money back guarantee. What’s to loose?

just the hassle of setting everything up, going outside for a ride and realizing the workout doesn’t go to my head unit and then going through the hassle of getting my money back.

It will display watt targets but no RPE. I do my training outside and based on RPE. Usually I go through the whole workout beforehand so I know what I am supposed to do. But if I forget what’s up next the watt targets is pretty easy to translate into RPE.


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The RPE will not push to your head unit unfortunately, the outside workouts are only designed to push target wattage for your Garmin to display.

That being said, if you are used to training with power, you likely know what RPE each wattage target is, so you can still effectively use the wattage information to train without a power meter.


Ok, yeah I do have a general idea. I will have to try it out. Thanks

if the interval is “long enough”, i convert the power target to a HR Zone and ride to that when outside w/o a power meter. i use the LEDs on the side of my Wahoo to check that i am in the proper effort level. RPE would be the best option for shorter/more intense intervals as your HR doesnt respond quickly enough

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