Wahoo outside RPE

Has anyone tried the Wahoo outside workouts using RPE? I synced and selected RPE but it still displayed on the Elemnt showing power, is this normal? I was expecting the Elemnt to show RPE 1-10.

The RPE option is meant for users without a power meter, but an RPE version the workout doesn’t get sent to the head unit. The RPE guide is in the workout description your your TR Calendar when you choose “Do Outside.” You’ll then need to note that down to replicate the workout outdoors, but it won’t involve your head unit.

Another workaround is to bring the mobile app with you on your ride to reference the RPE instructions.

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I noted the same thing this weekend with my first outside workout on a bike with no power meter. what i did was to convert that power number to a HR zone because i do not trust TR’s RPE assessment on the workout description. I used the LEDs on the side to make sure i was in that general effort level as i do not have a good feel for RPE yet. this method has worked in the past as long as the interval lengths are “long” enough. this method will not work for short, very intense intervals as your HR will not respond quickly enough

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