How to integrate outside rides

I’m new to trainerroad, and like many will be most active in the winter when i can’t ride outside, which brings me to two basic questions.

First, if I use trainerroad outdoors, does it require a power meter?

Second, if weather permits and I ride outside, will the calendar automatically move my scheduled ride to the next available day, or is it something I do manually?

Appreciate any input!

Welcome to TR :smiley: Here are some useful articles:


  • I don’t have a power meter. Can I still use outside workouts?
    Yes. When you click on a workout in your calendar to make it an outside workout, you can toggle the workout between “Power Based” and “RPE Based”. RPE Based workouts will give you RPE targets for each interval.

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Nothing moves automatically, you must do manual edits like that.

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RPE is a wonderful way to measure your outdoor workouts. Use your lap button or follow the GPS integration and give it a good. The notion that you need a power meter to perform quality outdoor workouts is not true.

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