Outdoor workouts, no power meter

Hi all, now that the weather is getting better here I was wondering what your thoughts are on how to follow your training plan when riding outside without a power meter? I also don’t monitor heart rate. After a winter of training on the turbo, I think I have developed a feel for what tempo/treshold/vo2max etc roughly feel like, so I was thinking of replicating the planned workout (more or less) based on feel and RPE. Of course it won’t ever be the exact workout, but maybe it should be in the same ballpark and lead to the intended adaptations? I’m all ears…

TR has a guide on doing the workouts outside by RPE.


Not much to add on top of that article, but I’ve done it, it’s super fun, definitely give it a shot! Maybe start with less complicated workouts to get a feel for it (e.g. Antelope, not Huxley :laughing:).