No rest weeks? Adaptive training plan

Looking at my calendar.
Next week, week 26 I have a rest week. All endurance rides.
I don’t see another week like this until week 43.

In 2 weeks(week 28) I start base 2.
Then in 3 weeks I go into build.
The 4th week(week 33) in that plan looks like a rest week but Tuesday is sweet spot 11.3 Tuesday Wednesday endurance then Saturday is threshold 4.5( not exactly a rest week).

The back to build v02 max workouts
Then week 37 is similar to week 33

I typically don’t look this far into my plans. Is this typical?

We’d typically expect to see a recovery week every fourth week, so it sounds like something is up here.

We’ll investigate what’s going on and report back when we figure out what’s going on. Thanks for the heads up!


Hey Zachary.

I see the updates in the app. Thank you so much!

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