Adding time off during plan builder. What am I missing?

Hey all, I’m looking for a second pair of eyes on what I could be doing differently when trying to add planned time off after reading the help; How to Add Time Off to Your Calendar – TrainerRoad

I’m setting training load, volume, experience, start date and events. However I never see the option to add ‘Time Off’ before going to ‘Schedule’. I’ve tried to do the same actions in the Trainerroad app on Windows and within a browser (MS Edge) and there is no change.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Its a retrospective thing (time off); build your plan builder plan without time off, then add annotations to add planned time off and it’ll adapt around it.

One of the Annotation Help Pages gives more details to expand on your link.


In a recent update to Plan Builder, TR took this bit out. You aren’t missing anything at all… As @HLaB mentions, it’s all retrospective now (you add it once the plan is on your calendar).


@HLaB and @Will_Peters Thanks for your help. I’ve got that working, if only I scrolled a little further in the help…