Plan Builder Not Picking up Events

Hi last week I setup a new plan using the builder.
Ramp test is today but I’m not feeling well, so wanted to start the plan next week.
When I start plan builder, it can no longer find any events, but these have not changed (I’ve cancelled all events out until August)

Has something changed in the last week ?

UPDATE: Deleted the existing plan and created a new one and now it picks the events. If you create a new plan using plan builder, should it tell you have an existing plan and tell you, and if you give agreement, delete the old plan ?

Hmm, that’s a first – the new plan does not start with a ramp test

That is certainly odd (and not the intended behavior).

Go ahead and replace the Tuesday workout “Goddard” with the Ramp Test so that you can accurately assess your fitness going into your plan :+1:.

I will report this bug for the team to look into.


This could be the same issue that I have. I reported it to support yesterday but haven’t heard back yet.