Plan Builder confused with cancelling A event

So my A event in June has been cancelled.

If i make my B event in July my A and recalculate it just adjusts the first part ie more Sweet spot weeks (but they are in the past now)

I’m just starting week 5 of Build.

If i move my start date earlier to accommodate for the additional SSB it puts in, then it just adds a combo of more SSB and a 2 week Build bridge to the beginning of the planner… which is odd.

Essentially i dont know how to get it to accept where i am and keep the Build as is.

but then what? I have 4 more weeks, so either i go

4 weeks Build part 2 as planned
4 week SSB or 4 more weeks Build repeating weeks 5-8 (might be too much doing 12 week build)
or go to Century after build with a SSB 4 week at the end (which is my existing plan with A and B events June and July) or extend Century 4 weeks?

It would be nice to get it to populate this else i may have to go manual again.

Any advice?