Plan Builder 8 Week Block Without Recovery

Just built and have begun my new plan for 2021 and noticed something down the line - plan builder has me going from full SS Base 1 into 3 weeks of "filler’ Short Power Build leading right into SS Base 2. This would be 8 weeks of work in between recovery weeks:

1 Base 1
2 Base 1
3 Base 1
4 Base 1
5 Base 1
6 Recovery
7 Build
8 Build
9 Build
10 Base 2
11 Base 2
12 Base 2
13 Base 2
14 Base 2
15 Recovery

Does this look like a feature or a bug? Any recommendations on how to break this block up?

Thanks in advance

I am in a similar situation as you with 6 weeks of training before a recovery week. I did confirm with TR support and told that this wasn’t by accident. I would just trust the process and this is the best part of using plan builder. It knows where to add some extra work if needed.

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At 55 years old that would destroy me.

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Probably best to ask to see if there is a problem.


Will do

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Seems like it’s more of just pulling things together based on the time you have between events where if it doesn’t line up perfectly with their existing plans it just gives you part of one before jumping into the next full cycle.

So if you had an extra three weeks it might go Base 1, three weeks build, Base 2, build, etc.

I have the same 8 week block scheduled to start next week. I might just delete my plan and add a new A event at a later date than my current fake A event to force plan builder to rebuild the plan. It also didn’t schedule a ramp test at the start of week 7 Build which seems strange to not test for 9 weeks.

Add recovery after 9.

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Wow…I’d put in a rest week every 3rd work week.

But maybe that’s why I’m not fast.