Plan Builder and Vacations

It would be nice if Plan Builder gave the option to sync week-long vacations with rest weeks. For me, vacation is about as strenuous as a recovery week, so it would work nicely. Hopefully this is a feature that is on the way. It seems to somewhat be doing that for one vacation, but not at all for another. Both of my planned vacations come right in the middle of blocks, and I’ll probably have to manually move things around, which will then throw AT off.

I am TR’s biggest fan, but this is one place where human coaches might have an edge. I’m trying to avoid a bunch of two-week blocks. How do other athletes handle this situation?

I’ve added a vacation week at the end of a block and PB/AT readjusted things, it wasn’t planned that way, just the way things fell. Might be worth a try just to see what happens.

I thought plan builder lets you add in vacation time?

If it was me, I would just skip those workouts and carry on. But I am not like most. Also, I would probably still be riding my bike during that time even if I wasn’t doing a workout :rofl:

It does, but the results from adding them initially, vs later vs what people may want in their mind differ a bit from what TR PB delivers on occasion. We have seen multiple reports of less than ideal results from PB in a range of scenarios.

This seems to be a request to get more “control” over what happens before and/or after any scheduled time off.

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It does let me add vacation time, but in one case, it gave me a rest week, then a week of work, then vacation. In another case, it oddly added a ramp test in the middle of a block just before vacation.


Ok. It isn’t a feature I have used so I wasn’t sure how that applied.

I don’t personally put any stock into AT so I don’t really think much of the impacts of skipping or moving around workouts.