Plan between races? How do you train in the middle of the season?

My first race of the season is now over. I race XC and gravel events. This first race was short track XC. Finished in 1:10 with an IF of 1.06. Leading up to this I did a full block of SS extending TTE to about 75 minutes (thanks to whoever starter the more sweet spot team. I could barely do 8 minute intervals when I started last year), then I did a couple weeks of Vo2, followed by some threshold riding. The last 4 weeks have been race prep focussed, so a mix of everything, but mostly short Vo2 and threshold stuff. Basically what TR gives me on the sustained power build specialty plan.

I’m pleased with my progress so far this season. I set new power records all the way up to 1 hr in this last race. My next cycling event is in exactly 4 weeks from today. As it so happens the plan I’m on is also coming to a close, so I would like some input on how I should train for the next 4 weeks taking into account the last week will be another taper.

I should mention, my FTP has gone up quite a bit since I did the SS block. Should I focus on threshold? Do another SS block? Mix a little of everything to keep it all fresh? I’d love to build more fitness as the season progresses instead of just maintaining. How does everyone handle mid-season training?

I’ll also add since someone is bound to say it, I’m pretty familiar with fatigue and how long I take to recover, so I plan to rest adequately following this race before starting again.

TLDR; How do you train mid-season? Build? Maintain? What’s your focus?


I follow a TR adaptive plan low volume masters, once racing starts I have one intensity day (Anaerobic) and one endurance day and then a race each weekend, I have tweaked it so I have 2 endurance days.

After my A race (June 30th) I have ~5 weeks off, during that period TR wants 1 VO2, 1 Threshold and 1 Endurance, I will add an extra 2 endurance workouts to be 5 workouts per week, maybe less if a lot of outside riding.

Even though I only have B races in the fall, Specialty starts again in September with more Anaerobic and VO2.

I don’t really like long periods of Anaerobic as I feel they aren’t productive for my FTP but last year I did seem to peak after a stretch of anaerobic workouts and that peak seemed to last for about 6 weeks and since I went back to more traditional Base/Build with a mix of Endurance, Sweet Spot, Threshold and VO2 my FTP has been pretty static. I almost wonder if the snappiness I got during my peak last fall gave me a but of a falsely high FTP boost that I’m still catching up to. Which may explain why TR wanted me to do 18 weeks of Specialty (including recovery weeks) between April and September in 2024.

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