Mid-season 1 month spacing between races

I’m looking for advice on planning out my summer training on TR. I’ll be doing Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons with a high volume TR plan and will have one month spacing between several races starting in June. I’ve got the plan wired leading up to the races. But what do you do between races when you’ve got about 30 days to recover, prepare and taper? Any advice would be appreciated.

In this case, you’ll most likely be looking to “maintain” fitness if your plan ends on your first race. I’m copying this directly from the below article:

Scenario 1: (Maintenance) Race Series or Races with a 6 Week Gap or Less

In a scenario like this, your best option is going to be what we call a Peak Maintenance Phase. What this means is that you will complete your full 28 week Base/Build/Specialty program right on the doorstep of your first A race. After your A race, you will jump into the Peak Maintenance Phase where you will complete Weeks 7 and 8 of Specialty on repeat. The purpose of this Phase is to keep your training volume and stress rather low, while maintaining the “snap” your legs need for optimal performance. This Phase can be repeated for a maximum of 8 Weeks if necessary for weekly race series, however any longer and you will not be able to maintain peak performance.

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