Can we talk track training programs & adaptive training

I put a similar question in the ask a coach hopper (but have been a couple weeks back on my episodes so anyone LMK if this was answered).

I’ve been using TR consistently since the beginning of the year with a mid volume gravity plan to prepare for our track season (we race april- early September).
I’m an endurance focused on the track and we race Friday nights and I have the option of also racing on Wednesdays.
I don’t really have any A races on my calendar so I put a couple of our bigger events (one in June one in August). And then called the rest of the Friday nights C races.
I somewhat assume the adaptive plan will just take care of things. Is there something I need to do if I do those mid-week races as well? Is there something else I should be doing or a better way to indicate those races?
I’m somewhat on the “just let the plan roll” but also realize there are some VO2 max workouts scheduled on Thursday that I’m assuming are going to get me a little smoked for the Friday races.