Suggested Adaptations appear to easy

I am on a high volume plan but replace frequently workouts with training races (B/C) or hard group rides. I had never trouble completing workouts (hard, medium or easy days). AT suggests constantly easier workouts than scheduled. Is this because of the occasional replacement of workouts with unstructured (but hard) outside workouts? I normally do not accept the adaptations since I have not had any trouble completing the workouts. Should I follow the instructions to adapt or should I structure my plan in a different way?

Not every workout it gives you will put you to the test. Depending on where you are in your plan, you may not even see anything higher than Productive workouts (and only one at that). It’s rather contextual from what I’ve experienced, and I honestly welcome them not always putting me to the sword as it leaves me fresher to tackle each workout.

If we’re talking minimum effective dose, that also means you don’t have to hit the high side of the zone to elicit the physical adaptations you’re seeking. So to an extent, you can do those “easier” workouts and still get all the benefit, plus you stay feeling fresher.


How many rides per week are you doing this? And are you replacing hard workouts or the endurance / recovery rides? Are you recording your outside rides with power? Are you using Garmin or another brand? Do you associate your outside ride with a similar workout?

I often replace a hard Tuesday workout with a hard local Tuesday night Crit and the hard Saturday workout with a hard group ride or b/c race. I associate with workout and use power but not sure it gets accounted for at current stage of AT. I get it that I should not overtrain and that Workouts might get suggested in it’s easier variant but want to make sure that this is not happening because AT assumes that I am skipping actual planned workouts due to not being capable to perform them.

I suspect, but don’t know for sure, that your hard outside group rides and B/C races are getting accounted for, so AT isn’t progressing your levels. What if you switched to a low volume plan so that you’re only missing one hard workout vice two each week? Or you could use Alternates to find longer and/or harder versions of the workouts you are doing.


That’s definitely marking those as ‘incomplete’ most likely and causing your levels to decline. We’re working super hard to account for those outside hard rides or races outside, but in the meantime, changing your volume so you’re completing all the workouts assigned will definitely help your levels reflect more accurately that you’re doing that work on harder days!

I am having an issue with this as well and maybe the races are throwing it off. I complete a workout and “rank” it (normally hard) it will decrease the intensity of other workouts and I cannot figure out why. I definitely don’t understand how I can complete a workout without much trouble and it reduces the intensity of other workouts. In some ways I am worried this isn’t pushing me as hard as I need because it doesn’t register everything.

Is AT still viable if I am racing or is it artificially reducing my workouts because it thinks I missed one?

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I would check with Visibility to those changes requires the full context of your calendar, workouts, plan, ride logs, etc. They can help!

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