Pick my ride for tomorrow

Alright folks, I’ll leave this up to you, it’s going to be 70 degrees tomorrow and I’ll be home alone. Do I go find a long group ride which would be relatively chill or do my last build workout of threshold intervals (try to tackle outdoor variant). I’m doing a crit on Sunday that I don’t really care about other than getting out there and trying to draft as much as I can but I guess I could always shift my threshold session to Monday or Tuesday. Opinions welcome!

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Aw, what a let down. I thought maybe we got to vote on whether you’d do spanish needle, disaster, or Nevada city classic. Lol! I’d go outside and try the “outside workout” feature.

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I’m liking Spanish Needle or Everesting on some local hill :face_vomiting:

Go for a rolling long one, if you’ve been on a training plan that can feel refreshing.

Both? Do half the long group ride and then peel off to do the outdoor version of the threshold workout?

I wouldn’t push the intervals to Monday or Tuesday. It feels like it’s cheating on the whole concept of “build”.