Feeling like a hell on the bike. Failing workouts

Hi all,

Once again I’m in need of some advice / support. I’ve been indoor training for a couple of years, TR since Jan, and have been enjoying it and seeing slow but steady gains throughout.

Around 2 weeks ago I had just finished a rest week, ready for the routine ramp test last Monday. Last Monday was hot here in the UK, however I tried the ramp test anyway. I felt pretty crap, so just called it and decided to take the week off.

Skip to today, I’m ready to get back on the bike again. The planned workout is Spanish needle -3, a 1 hr lvl 4.4 anaerobic workout. I get started, scaling the intensity back to 95%, to give myself some grace. However I felt/ feel like an absolute heap of s**t on the bike. Legs feel like I’ve just climbed a mountain, and I’m gassing out within seconds of trying my intervals.

I was expecting to feel fairly fresh after a week of rest (and an active rest week prior to that). Nutrition and sleep haven’t changes, job and work is similar etc. I honestly have no idea what’s up with me, and no idea how to move forward.

What’s worst is I have a sportive coming up at the weekend. Not a difficult one, but now I’m really nervous about my fitness, and confidence is at an all time low.

Any ideas??


I’ve just been though similar, I’ve ended up with near three weeks off after smashing it since January. Coming out the other side now and legs are feeling really good.
Sometimes that fixed week just isn’t enough, and trying to wind back into work to me 3/5 workouts to get my head into the right place

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Just realize that physiological changes aren’t likely to happen in any meaningful way in a short span of just 2 weeks. So a lot of this is in your head, IMHO.

Also, when was the last time you did any of the Spanish Needle variants? It’s unlike most other TR workouts and takes some getting used to. Even 30/30s feel very different.

My best advice would be to pick a workout that suits your strengths, and nail it to get yourself back on track mentally.

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Maybe just ride easy outside for a week or two with no intensity. Go to the race as a skill/ fun event to keep you in the community of racing?
Moving the legs and getting some fresh air instead of being stuck on the trainer does wonders for me . Sounds like trying to dig yourself into a hole and getting made at yourself for not being perfect or doing workouts perfect.
I don’t know your whole history but if it were me I’d take a step back for a couple weeks. Find some fun spots to ride and just enjoy being on the bike again. Then slowly work your way up from the beginning of a plan.


Thanks for the tips, guys. I guess going easy/ taking some more time off structure sounds nice. However I’m nervous of loosing fitness I’ve worked so hard to gain…