Personal Record Visibility, Feature Request

I can find PBs (eventually) on the comparison graph - i.e. loading a comparison, then sliding the cursor back and forth until the workout with the PB goes to the top of the list (with PBs the graphs are often very close so it’s not obvious). Most times the little cup icon has more than one PB, but its near impossible to find them all. Are the actual PBs that were obtained listed somewhere else? Am I missing something


I have asked about this before and didn’t really feel I got an answer…I still don’t know why some rides I get a gold cup but I have seen on the power line after the ride when comparing it to seasons that my PBs can be improvements even by the second!! So you might have 15 pbs but they can be 15 individual seconds on the line if that makes sense.

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This goes into good detail

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Could be me - but still quite confusing.
I can see how you can go click off your workout - and go to the side menu - Personal Records to your chart and click and find the newest and weekly records

But why not have something automated and linked to the little Cup Icon showing exactly what has been set

Yes the chart and the listing show a lot of info and are very versatile - but in this case its still quite a complex process to find out exactly what you’ve done.


I’m not sure what the count of cups means - it is extremely granular

That said - the way you can see exactly which records you have set is by looking at the graph - everywhere the two lines overlap you have done a new PR for this season

You should be setting lots of them right now if you had your season set to start on January 1st

I think they need to make the ability to see these PR’s much easier.

  • I can’t seem to find the thread right now, but we have discussed this before.
  • I revised the thread title name and tagging to make this the new official feature request for this issue.

We get the Gold Cup on the main workout page to indicate the presence of new PR’s.

  • image

Then inside the workout, we can see the total number of new PR’s.
You can even click that text and it takes you to the PR section and loads the related seasons.

  • image

But at that point, you are on your own to scroll and find the records. Sometimes it’s easy to see, other times not so much.

I think there should be some more obvious on-screen indicator, ability to jump to or review any and all records on the chart. As of now, it’s a hunting mission and I don’t think it is the most effective way to draw attention to them.

This is a small (or large) milestone and it should be made obvious and automatic. This is the kind of thing to look at in a very positive light and TR should make it as simple and direct as possible to act as reward for work done.


Personally I’d like it simplified down to standard time periods: 5 sec, 1 min, 5 min, etc. And for automatic notifications based on all time PRs, and current season PRs.

Bonus points if you can customize and add time periods of interest, for example if my target event has two key climbs at 7.5 min and 18 min then it would be fantastic if I could add those custom PR time periods and receive automatic notifications for all-time PRs and current season PRs.


I’ve often thought it would be really nice to see something like “45 new records!(0:05-0:40, 5:00-5:10)” or something similar.

I’d also like to see a different colour on the graph line where a selected ride set the new record.


I’d like to see the standard training interval times, plus a coloured line on the bottom of the graph to indicate where the record or records are

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Having a ‘selection range’ showing a shading over the duration that was a PR in the PD chart seems like it wouldn’t be awful. There are some degenerate cases there to consider where you set a 1:00 and a 1:02 record but not a 1:01 record, that would probably draw really funky no matter what you did.


When I set records, I also like comparing my ride’s power curve to ‘All Time before today’ rather than the default ‘All Time’. To do that, I need to enter custom dates, would be nice if it were a default option. (If I’m quick, after my ride I can also currently do this by hitting Analyze Ride before TR has updated my career power curve).


Yes…very confusing. I would like to see the PR’s listed by time. I miss the old way Trainerroad used to do it… ie. 20 min…300 watts…1/7/19


They could do a better job at that. I use golden cheetah, it has a tab “trends” where you can see all your personal records. You can filter them bij time etc, you can even create tour own.

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Agreed on the little trophies and finding where the PRs actually are, especially when its very close to the previous number.

It also would be cool to see my PR for 60 minute NP!

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Already covered by @mcneese.chad - but it bugs me to

And lastly - the little gold cup in the calendar doesn’t always appear to mean you have an all time PB. It seems to signify a PB generally - be it all time or seasonal. If its just seasonal - then it should be Silver (like it is when you open up the workout). Having a row of gold cups in the calendar at the start of a year is a bit pointless AFAIKS.


I have a separate feature request in about the visibility of the cup.

I like your idea about gold for all-time only. Silver makes sense for any season PR. Would be good to use them as a quick indicator at the calendar level, and link to the detailed review level too.


TrainingPeaks got it mostly, and is a good model from my POV:

IMHO the only things missing in T-Peaks implementation:

  • the ability to add a few of custom durations
  • ability to disable HR notifications
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I like TR having the more granular PRs. The x150 or whatever is kinda silly, but not having to hit an arbitrary boundary is a ‘good thing’ in my opinion. Changing it from being x150 to (1:00-3:30) or something similar would be a nice display change, but losing the smaller buckets would be sad.

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It is a fine line to walk. PR notifications on 1 second time slices is silly, and psychologically doesn’t have the same impact as fewer timeslices.

You can’t make everyone happy, my personal opinion is that I’d rather simplify like other aspects of TR and go with a small bucket of say 10 max (5 sec, 1 min, etc) that also includes a handful of custom times.

But you make an interesting point, about short time ranges, say a custom PR notification time period of 6:45-7:15 if I was targeting vo2max efforts of around 7 minutes.

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I’m a fan of the way WKO4 displays the PD records:


As well as being much easier to read visually, it also excludes the ride from the previous PD curve, so that you can actually see how much improvement you’ve made.

I’d echo the thoughts of those who’d like to see a table of discrete times: 5 seconds, 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 20 minutes and 1 hour.