Please explain the small symbols at the bottom of the workout

Curious to what the gold cup stands for and also it shows a small silver cup with 2018 End x131…I know that 2018 end is one of my custom seasons but I’m clueless about x131…
anyone can help???

Not sure on the golden cup but I believe the x131 (in this particular workout for you) has to do with reaching some pr’s perhaps on the power duration curve (PD curve chart). Not sure but, I think they are related.

Correct. The gold cup is to indicate that you have set new power pr’s. If you have seasons set up you may see more than one cup. Say you set 5 all-time pr’s and 38 cx season pr’s, you’d get see two gold cups on would say x5 and the other x38. If you click on the cup it will take you to your power curve and you can see where on the timeline you improved.


I BELIEVE (but I am not positive) that you have a power pr for 131 seconds of the ride. I have found this to be a bizarre and not fun or engaging way of doing it.

Still don’t get what the number after the cup means. Nor can find any official explanation from TR. Can someone give clear explanation on that?

It is the total number of new Personal Records within that season shown (my example below, I hit 18 new PR’s).

  1. Click the info.
  2. It loads the relevant season on screen.
  3. Look to see where they overlap and you can see the new Personal records.

We have an open request to get this improved.

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18 minutes, seconds, instances? Would be a lot easier to see them in a list formatting at least have that as an option. Scrolling the chart around looking for all the +’s on the wattage seems antiquated.

18 ‘moments’ that are better. Starts at 1 second increments and gets to wider times as you get longer into the Duration spectrum. I didn’t write my info as an all encompassing guide. It’s just a primer to explain the essentials.

The lack of clarity in finding them is the very reason we made the Feature Request in the first place.

You can add your thoughts in that thread to help direct the suggestions and add your emphasis to the request.


I did a 21 minute ramp test and had 392 PR’s for this season. Kind of ridiculous. Basically one PR for every second of the workout. I wish they would go back to the 1 second, 5 second, 10 second…etc PR’s.


100% agree. i just had the same. a ramp test and a gold cup with X 287 on it. completely useless to be honest.

Training Peaks and Strava and others do things like
1sec, 5sec, 30sec, 60sec, 5min, 10min, 20min, etc. time intervals that are meaningful.


howz this feature request coming? it’s been open for 2 years already.

@IvyAudrain will have to answer that. I don’t have access to that info.

Hey! Thanks for checkin in. Better visibility to PRs thats clearer and easier to interpret for the greatest number of athletes is something we’re still discussing before putting this feature on the roadmap. The metrics that athletes will want visibility to will change as well with Progression Level history and so on, so this topic is still being discussed internally. Thanks for your patience!


Sounds like a “gold star” thing just to try and keep you coming back to the app.

Maybe, maybe not. The default is to include those in your Personal Records, but it only takes a moment to remove them from consideration in those as well.

The reality is that, you hit a power record within whatever season you have active at the moment, so it is a record in that sense at the very least. Sure, we don’t necessarily need a second by second accounting, but there are plenty of times the typical half-dozen or so “standard” times fall short and miss real power records in ride and races as well.

Ideally, having the choice to fine tune to our own preference would be great but I think them opening the tracking wider than the common restrictions is a good thing overall.

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I’d rather a workout comparison so I can see how strong was I this time compared to last time I did a particular workout.

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Then make sure to add your 'vote" +1 to the existing feature request: