Feature request: compare current ride PR against previous PR in season

Trainerroad allows u to compare the current ride to a given season. When u set a power pr(s) in that ride u get a link to open the season in which the pr(s) were made for quick analysis. This is very helpful however I always want to compare that ride AGAINST the season. Since the ride is included in that season trainerroad compares the ride against itself showing a 0-watt difference where the pr(s) were achieved. I would rather compare that ride against my previous pr(s) for that season to easily see how much I beat them by. To do this I have to set a custom range of season start to previous day. It would be nice if this were the default or if there was a quick “season-to-date” shortcut.

Thanks for taking the time to read and for a great product. I’m definitely a faster cyclist now thx to trainerroad!

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I believe you can do this by going to the PR section and selecting a customer date from one of the comparison lists. Screen shot below. You would just select the dates of your season prior to the current date.


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Thx @emannix14. The work around u described i described also in my OP. I’m suggesting this be made into a feature bc the work around is a bit clumsy and this capability has obvious value IMO. Thx again

Great minds think alike…

Started this topic yesterday.


You’re right. I mis-read your OP. Sorry about that!

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Oh awesome @themagicspanner thx for sharing. I searched the forum for “feature request” before posting but didn’t see yours. I liked your post. Hopefully we can get enough interest in this feature to have it implemented.

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No prob.