What PR did you hit today?

It was an ITT, they’re playing it safe (rightly so) as far as local racing is concerned. Event was quite small, as they generally are here, with only 25 racers in total showing up. I had actually considered signing up for Cat4, but having never raced before I signed up for lowest category. I had a chat with race organizers after (provincial cycling organization), and they said if this was a road race/crit, they’d want first timers to sign up for Cat5 due to lack of skill. But as they’re only running ITT for now, they’d prefer I upgrade for next week.


Great work :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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Newbie question: what are these and how are they used?


If I click on them, they take me to the power curve for that workout. But I can’t see anything special or anything highlighted, and clicking them again gives me nothing more.

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PB’d the club time trial uphill finish tonight but after a cr@p start and not being able to feel the bottom of the stroke (nerves damage from chemo) I was 10s down on my overall pb of last week :thinking:


This week I was pleasantly surprised by a PR on a segment that seems to be my go-to for testing my fitness. My first time on this segment in February was 2:07 slower than now. Making quite a bit of progress this year so far. :+1:


Haha, this gets brought up all the time! I don’t know, it’s just one of those things that for a company that is super responsive, input seeking and forward looking, they just don’t seem to prioritize this feature.

There are several threads that discuss it and I will link them below. But basically, you are correct. You set a PR of some sort for the season you see listed next to the trophy. So for that workout you hit 44 all time PR’s and for 2020 Vision you hit 150 PR’s. That’s awesome, congrats!

Unfortunately which PR’s, yeah that’s where the analysis is lacking. You have to walk your mouse along your PR curve and whenever you see what appears to be the two lines on top of each other, you’ve probably hit a PR.

This has been an open feature request forever so I don’t have high hopes for it getting improved anytime soon.


Looks like those PRs are for 2020, so his all times are higher. Very impressive!

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TR reckons I got 40 of them (2020 records anyway) tonight on Monitor +1 it looks like most intervals over 45mins to a hour was a record. It might have been helped that during the warm up I played around with my cleat position (fore/aft). After the session though I think I put in back to just a about where I started :roll_eyes:

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Had a surprise sprint PR on the MTB today even though I’m still decidedly not a sprinter

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 3.23.57 PM


Great numbers considering there is a little more give on the MTB than a road bike, even if fully locked out. I will take 100 watts year over year from here and we have fairly similar numbers. I won’t ever be an 1,800 guy but I guess not many are. 1,200+ is still enough to do some damage!

Thanks for the insight. Yes, considering that this is a pretty small project from a programming perspective but seems REALLY useful to many users, I’m surprised they haven’t dealt with it. Personally, I think if you click on those, they should bring up a list of the PR’s you got, like the “All-Time PR’s” list you can get from within the power curve.

I’d also suggest a couple of (I think) simple improvements for the “past records” power curve, or any power curve:

  1. In the “seasons” dropdown, add a choice for “All Except Today”. When we get a PR, it’d be great to see the “next-best” ride instead of just seeing this ride listed twice, which adds zero value.

  2. A set of checkboxes that lets me toggle whether or not to display TR workouts, outside rides, and ramp tests.

@Bryce, what do you think? Are those easy/hard to implement? Likely to be implemented soon/someday/ever?

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TTE FTP test: brand new all-time 10-60min power PRs. And 20min HR PR. :metal:t5:


It would be handy to see that on the curve itself looking at a single ride but just in case you didn’t know, if you go to Personal Records in Career, you can click a specific time period on the curve and click view more details to see the history of records at that time like below. Took me a long time to stumble on it but find it really useful, not sure if it also works when looking at the curve in a single ride too.


Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions. Sadly I’m really not in a position to estimate likelihood of a feature being implemented. When we recieve feature requests, our Product Managers prioritize based on the development effort required relative to the total positive impact that a change would make.

Since I am not a software engineer myself, I cannot estimate the difficulty of making a particular change within our system. What I can say, is that all of our engineers are working full speed ahead on a variety of projects that will have major impacts and will bring TrainerRoad to the next level.

I will certainly pass your suggestion onto the team for future consideration, but I wouldn’t estimate that this will be worked on in the short-term due to the major priorities the team is focused on at the moment.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more concrete for you, but again, we really appreciate the requests. With athletes like ours, we’re truly never short on good ideas :bulb:.

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Point taken, and thanks. As a suggestion, Adobe had a HUGELY successful initiative a couple of years ago which they called their “JDI intervals”, or something like that. The point was to take a month off from the major development initiatives, and focus that month (or however long it was) on the myriad of user-requested improvements and fixes that could be done easily and quickly – hence the “Just Do It” name. Customer satisfaction went through the roof.

Just a thought, since TR is doing great things in many ways, but there seem to be quite a few little niggles floating around that, if nicely polished, would go a ways toward making the daily user experience even better.

P.S. To stay on-topic, went out for a hard 45-minute ride yesterday and set new PR’s from 16min through about 26min, anywhere between 5W and 8W better than before. Roughly a 6% improvement on average.


Not a power PR, but had my biggest volume week ever and came out not feeling crushed.


Went out on a quick ride today with a buddy and we went after a couple short segments.

Lately i’ve been primarily focused on weight loss and just trying to maintain fitness until I get to my target weight. I was still able to set 22 power PRs today basically from 25-45 seconds, and averaging 600w for about 40 seconds and getting 3rd all time on that segment. Power PRs have been pretty scarce for me lately so this was a nice surprise.


All time 90min power output today. Pretty happy, eating French Toast now :slight_smile:


Show me the trophies! Congrats!!

Second ever century, PR: 4:53 and some change. So far two for two sub-5! (Both with groups/team - first one was with two others sub-5; today 5 made it in).