Calendar indicated record, but couldn't figure out which

I did a ride today and I noticed a little badge on the calendar card afterwards. It just said “All time x 14”, but after clicking through, I couldn’t figure out exactly it was indicating.

I hate to say it, but I had to look on TrainingPeaks to see that I had a new wattage record for 60 minutes. After I knew what it was, I was able to look at the Personal Records section and see it. But it wasn’t clear.

Obviously not a priority to fix, but I just thought I would mention it.


I have been getting a bunch of PRs in the last few weeks. I like the initial flagging, but I think some gains could be made.

As you mention, you have to seek and find the specific spots by scanning along the timeline. Some highlights or other flagging on the line graph would be handy.

Another issue I see is the when you get a new PR, the season and All time records are updated immediately. Probably right, but it’s not obvious from the line chart just how much of a jump you just made.

You can pick a specific time and click it. Then choose the Analysis option. With that you can see a deeper comparison of one or more ranges. Pretty cool for sure, but a clear line of the gaps between the old and new PR would be nice.


I see the PRs showing up as well, but I agree, finding them is a bit more complicated then it should be. I’d like to see a list of them as well. Small details, I know, but any motivation is good!


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The PR chart for a ride needs to work differently:


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