Performance Records - what makes up yours?

After a couple of full cycles of TR and a bunch of outdoor group rides over the summer, my Performance Records page is made up of only a handful of rides. Is that the same for most people?

You know, I noticed the ramp-test dominates the middle area on mine and suspected that’s he case for everyone else. Seems kind of useless to include the ramp graph then, since it can be pretty well summed up by your ftp during the period.

I started using TR about 10 months ago, due to a couple of injuries I’ve only done base work so far. Only been riding for ~3 years.

My PRs are all outdoor rides, mostly leading up to May 2017 when I completed my first double century. Bought a power meter in late October 2016 and started training hard up until the event. My field tested power peaked in April at 275 (and maybe a little higher?).

Hoping to complete my first full base/build/speciality and push power over 300.

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Wow, that’s really interesting that TR workouts don’t make your records. Not even your FTP tests? I was surprised to see that my group rides weren’t more of a factor in my records in the 15-30 min range. I clearly remember rides where I was being seriously worked as the pack attacked each other. For me it’s a clear demonstration of the micro-rests that you do get outdoors that you don’t even realize; descents, drafting, tail-wind, etc. They all contribute to giving you a bit of respite even though you’re working hard. My trainer is not so forgiving …

I started using TR after a back injury, by that point my ftp dropped down to 220. Did SSB1 high volume and pushed back up to 247. Then a knee injury and ftp dropped back down to 220. 2018 has been all about yo-yoing between 220 and 250, so I’ve never gotten back up to 275 range while using TR.

Not a lot of people to draft on group rides, and when my power is up around 250 find myself doing a lot of long hero pulls or going off the front with someone stronger and hammering away mini TT style as long as I can go. My favorite solo ride is 40 miles out to the river and back, after leaving city limits its basically 50 minutes of riding on country roads with only two stop signs. Its usually into a headwind, and I always ride that Merckx class TT style. Doing all that on a Trek Domane endurance bike, without slamming the stem LOL. Great training for climbing rides up in the Sierras.

Due to heat management, and where/how I ride, I’ve found it easier to push hard outside than inside. With cooler weather and a return to health I’m hoping to set some PRs on the trainer this winter.

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Gotcha. Sounds like your situation is the perfect use-case for utilizing Seasons to compare your efforts against injury and non-injury periods.

basically all my PRs are 2017, here is my All Time PRs (2017) vs 2018 comparison:


0:01-3:00 - various sprints and race efforts show up - mostly concentrated on one race finishing move
3:01-10:00 - wide variety of group rides and hill repeat efforts (very brief appearance of an 8 minute FTP test right at 7:55 and 8:00)
10:01-20:00 - hill climb TT from a couple years ago
20:01-60:00 - road race where I missed an unmarshalled turn while off the front and then chased the group for an hour as penance
60:01-130:00 - road race where I was riding in a small and shrinking break for a loooong time (323 watts average for 2 hours - I’ll likely never break some of these power records)
130:01+ random long rides I’ve done

Almost none of my all time records come on the trainer - I think the only thing I see on there is the 8 minute test where I did 434 for 8 minutes, but I have an outside ride setting me at 445 for 7:30 and a different outside ride setting me at 430 for 8:15 - so that’s a pretty tiny window.

I’m actually surprised at the folks having all their records from the trainer rides - that doesn’t match my experience at all. I guess if you don’t race or don’t do all out hill repeats/time trials/whatever outside it could be the case.

Even my longer ones - where I have pretty high average power on the trainer for an hour or two (on Saturday I averaged 287 watts for 2 hours doing Wright Peak -1) don’t match riding a break in a road race for the same amount of time

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Indeed, in my case almost every PR under 6 minutes is from Wednesday night group “ride” where I’m chasing lead group of cat1/2/3 guys that are much stronger/faster. My power is cat5 on a good day. Everything between 6-120 minutes are from my two strongest TT efforts, as I don’t have enough nerve to race in a pack.

That’s a fun one! :grin:
Here is my chart after my first year of owning a Road Bike and using TR.

Ramp test does not take up as much space in mine…maybe I should try harder? :wink:

An oft overlooked workout that has a huge bulk of my power records is H.A. & A.C. Power Profile Test


all my PRs are outdoors and none of them on TR, which to me makes sense since we’re not working at 100% except during testing. And since we can “work harder” outdoors than indoors because of wind, cooling, etc it makes sense to me why all PRs are set outdoors. It’s more perplexing to me for the people who have their PRs indoors.

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