Feature Request: Personal records only for TR rides

Hallo TR,

I have a problem, that I feel like at least a few people might share. I use a very different setup for outdoor and indoor rides and therefore have two very different FTP values. Outdoors (Stages on Cannondale crank) my wattage is way higher than indoors (Vectors on indoor bike).

Now since TR pulls in outdoor rides, my personal records are flooded with outdoor rides that usually yield higher FTP values for me.

To really track progress during the seasons it would be super nice, if there was a way to only include TR rides in the personal record charts. This way I would be able to track my progress TR wise, e.g. from plan to plan, without all PRs overshadowed by outdoor rides and races.

Just an idea. Otherwise; keep up the great work. Love the app!



I haven’t viewed in a while but maybe the answer is here…

Its not really in there. At least not that I can see. It is possible to create seasons and I use this feature personally, however its not possible to limit a season to contain only TR indoor rides.


Thanks for the suggestion! We are currently “full-speed-ahead” to try to get our Apps updated to allow for adjustment of the Calendar in-app, however, we will keep this idea in mind for when resources free up :slight_smile:

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Hey there,
Would it be possible to include a toggle to exclude non-TR rides from the personal records feature?
I use the power meter on the trainer for my TR rides and my Vectors for outside which are close but not equal in their respective readings.
The biggest difference though I think is that I can hold higher watts outside than in (like many) which I think skews the results.
It would be great to compare indoor vs indoor, outdoor vs outdoor and then all rides.



Thanks for the suggestion! We are still in the middle of our app overhaul, but we will keep this request in mind as resources free up :slight_smile:

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I love the personal records and I love using the seasons. I think being able add certain rides to certain seasons would be a helpful way to do this. Then you could have an “Indoor Season”, “Outdoor Season”, “Race Season” in addition to your actual training season.

Then you can see when you set personal records for each. Like most people, most of my personal records are set at races, but I would find it motivating to see a personal record on the trainer. “That was my best 20 minute power on the trainer” and so on.


Any updates on this? Would be a very useful feature.

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@Bryce You could implement this request via a season filter as suggested here (sorry for tagging you again):

Thanks for the suggestion @Rizzi! I think this could be a really useful feature and would really increase the power of our Personal Records chart. I’ll pass your suggestion onto the team :+1:

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Hi all,

Looking at my Personal Records and would really like to be able to view just my indoor records. All my power records are set outdoors and would be nice to be able to filter them out and focus on my indoor progress.

I tried it on my laptop but no joy, any ideas?

There is no current way to do this. I moved your post under the existing Feature Request that is aligned with your request.

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Thanks Chad.

Just thought I might have been missing something when trying to use personal records, would seem an obvious feature to have.

Hope it’s something the TR team can introduce in the future.

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I was just looking and did not see a way to filter better with seasons to make this happen. So adding to this old feature request. It would be nice to filter indoor (TR) only rides and Outdoor only rides for PR’s.

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Thanks! Im bumping this to the team as a comprehensive request for better visibility for TR data; a filter for outside workouts, HR data analysis, better season comparison views, post ride analysis that includes what the target power was by lap, etc. LOTS of stuff for us to improve upon!

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