Questions! TP Power Profile vs TR Plans

This is the first time I’ve populated my TP Power Profile chart. Interesting and eye-opening to say the least. Looking for some analysis on any/all levels to explain what I’m seeing. Some details of the data:

Pre-TR Training:

  • 16 weeks starting with a Festive500; 4 weeks unstructured JRA, 6 weeks of 3x Threshold + 2x VO2max/week; 6 weeks of 2x Threshold + 3x VO2max/week; 5 hours/week.
  • 13 weeks of training done on a single-speed with HR/RPE only.
  • 3 weeks of training on race bike w/ power meter; mostly outdoor TT practice runs.

TR Training:

  • SSBLV 1+2; Sustained Power Build HV; SSBHV 2; +2 weeks VO2max; ~8-10hr/week.

I guess the big question is, as per the PP chart, why the TR training didn’t raise any of my common durations above my hack/bodge pre-TR training levels? I mean, according to TP, in 3-4 months I trained myself from zero to marginal Cat.2, yet with 7 months of TR I slid down to a marginal Cat.3.

Newb gains? Intensity responder? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Thanks for anything.

Was your TR training recent, or back when you skipped recovery weeks?

Also, the red line you added is for Pre-TR or TR?

edit: missed the legend on mobile, on laptop I see the red line is for TR training.

Non-TR training: Winter/Spring 2018; TR training: Fall/Winter 2018/19
TR training followed 3 months of non-structured riding around (as illustrated by loss of fitness in the charts).
(Second half of profile charts is all non-TR riding)

No rest/recovery weeks in either block.

Circle = end of non-TR training; line = TR training; legend at top of image.

Did you do any actual tests (1 min, 5 min, 20 min max power etc) during your TR training time? If not, it’s probably just because the TR workouts typically go off a current estimated PD curve, and then give you something just below, so its repeatable. I think if anyone only does TR workouts, they’ll never see any actual PRs (especially in erg mode and without raising intensity).


Only did ramp tests (illustrated in the 5min power graph). Then again, I didn’t do any tests during pre-TR training either. I did eventually do a 4DP test, but that was after the “peak”.

During TR training were you riding outside at all? Do you think JRA was generating more peak power at different time intervals on that chart?

Ramp tests usually give me a pretty decent 5min power value. But especially the 5s and maybe also the 1min duration - if you ride outside, you’ll do some good efforts in this range (sprint for the lights for example), but you probably can’t hit your outdoor 5s max on the trainer.

Its referring to Zwift but it applies to trainers in general: