TSS scores in app and website don't match up

TSS scores in app and website don’t match up, eg on the website I have 272/0 but in the app I have 1097/0. I didn’t do the math but the website surely is wrong

Hey! I had the team look into this, it looks like some of your workouts weren’t selected to be considered for weekly TSS:

Corey had your career page open though, and went ahead and reprocessed those to be counted towards your weekly TSS!
If there are any issues moving forward, feel free to check in with support@trainerroad.com.

Thanks :blush: although I don’t know why some did have their TSSs included, I just selected default values for importing rides from strava

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Side note of observation…i think it would be a good idea for you to review your FTP. 1097 TSS in one week with 7hrs of riding - something’s not right.

Your FTP in your TR profile is likely set really low compared to the power you’re producing on rides, causing your rides to have highly overestimated TSS.

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I noticed that too and saw my ftp was set to iirc 178 or something like that. No idea where that number came from, not from my strava profile

Sounds like its time for a Ramp Test! :wink:

I already did but when I connected Strava TR imported all my rides from strava with an assumed FTP of 148 (I had 245W set up as my ftp in my strava profile)

Edit: I see I can easily change my FTP history. I still don’t get why TR calculated a TSS score for some but not all my imported strava rides. I had set TR to estimate TSS for all past and future rides.