PC usage from the handlebar

In winter I spend quite some time on my Kickr in the basement. Often I combine an outdoor ride/run with an indoor workout. And sometimes I even do longish endurance rides entirely inside.

One measure to fight boredom is digital entertainment. I often browse the internet, check the differnt forums, check pros on Strava (no, they don’t train polarized :slight_smile: ). Read a book through the kindle app.

My current set up:

  • dedicated indoor-only, old MTB bike on Kickr
  • Wahoo stand/ with keyboard and mouse

The stand is positioned just above my handlbar. Still, using the mouse is a little bit awkward.

Any ideas for putting basic PC navigation on to the handlebar? Scrolling down/up, browser back/forward.

So far I’ve tried to fix a numeric pad to my handlbar just next to my grip. Mmmm. Still awkward. I’ve also tried an ANT+ remote. Mmmm. My software solution failed. And ANT+ ist just laggy.

Anyting I can put next/in front of my handlebar grip that I can use right out of the box without any installation/software hassle? I use Windows 10.

Unified remote on an android device?

Best suggestion is a wireless mini keyboard.

I have this one mounted to the center of my road bike, via aerobars.

There’s many shapes and size available, so browse Amazon and pick something that looks like what you want

I already have a minikeyboard on my stand. However, since I ride a MTB handlebar my hands are pretty far out. If there was something like Garmin’s ANT+ remote which I could position ride next to my grip? Will look into the Android remote option as well.

Here’s my setup - PC is on a stack of tables, i can have the keyboard on an old set of aero bars (or on the table with the PC), and I found an old table to turn sideways that has the fan, iPad for TrainerRoad, and mouse within reach. Pretty hacky but has worked really well for me - good luck!

I take it you hop down to aero position to type?

I was doing that for a while but found the position was too uncomfortable for any actual typing. I now rest the keyboard actually on the aerobars, and then lean my hands on the aerobar pads when I’m typing. Works great during recovery / endurance work, doesn’t work at all for higher intensity, then i just leave the keyboard on the table near the PC.

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I use the exact keyboard, I’ve stuck a quarter turn mount to the back and use an old Garmin mount on my stem for it.

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Have you thought about mounting a small trackball mouse near your bars? They make some small ones you can even put on your finger like a ring that people with mobility problems or physical disabilities use that might work well for on bike use.


Trackball mouse sound interesting, as well. Any ideas for a mount that requires minimal hand movement away from the grip?

I’m thinking mounted near the center of the bar and you can reach up with your thumb like you would do to flick a bell.

Mmmm :thinking:


I’m on a Mac, but I connect my laptop to the TV, close the lid, and then use the Remote Mouse app to control the computer. Works pretty great. I can type, use the phone screen as a mouse with my finger, copy/paste, etc. I don’t do a ton of stuff when I’m riding, but it’s good enough for controlling TR and Zwift and getting things paired and whatever.

They also have it for Windows/PC: http://www.remotemouse.net/

Exactly what I was thinking. You might even be able to rig it on top of your hoods.

I have a MTB handlebar. Mmmm. Should have an old cell phone bike mount somwhere. Perhaps attaching it to a barend. Still like the trackball mouse option, as well.

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Just for scrolling, etc I would look at a standalone track pad. Logitech do one as far as I recall. With windows 10 you just use two fingers on the pad to scroll.

Progress report

  • old cell phone mount
  • old aerobar
  • old barend

Will try the via-Android-remote option first but would fancy a touchpad or trackball mouse option. Will also have to check how this will work with sweaty fingers.

Only problem so far: weather is far too nice out there for training indoors


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just tried remotemouse.net

Mmmm … not sure how to phrase it but somehow too inaccurate. Even after playing around with the settings, don’t really see me with this during a ride.

w/r to touchpads, not sure about using them with wet fingers. May get a very cheap one first.

I keep a towel on the bars and wipe dry when needed. It is a problem to use the pads even with a little moisture.