Control laptop workout from phone? [Companion App]

Are there any plans to interact with “live” workout on a laptop from the app? Presumably the phone would need to be connected to the laptop via bluetooth (for iphone).

For example, if I want to change the intensity or extend cool down I need to get off the bike and go click the laptop…not the end of the world, but it would be nice to make these adjustments via the app because the phone is generally much more accessible from the bike.


I’ve submitted a similar request, and TR’s response was that it is not on their roadmap at this moment.


Id really like that too!

out of curiosity, why not just run the workout from the app on your phone?

Because I don’t want to mess with ANT+ adapter (SRM power meter is ANT only) for iphone, or installing a phone handlebar mount, or sweating all over my phone.

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The ANT+ issue makes sense. On the sweating issue, if your phone is close enough to allow easy control of your laptop, wouldn’t it still be in sweat range?

Here is an app that i use on andriod which is also available on iOS
which should solve your problem.

Good luck with it.

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Also got one of these to hold the phone and protect the bike from sweat.

I use a remote control with mouse pointer and keyboard, it works really well

Check out Unified remote on Android too, gives you full mouse and keyboard control on your PC from your phone

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Team viewer works well for this on iphone/laptop.


Thanks…this solves my problem.

+1 for TeamViewer

Just be careful leaving teamviewer running all the time on your laptop and please make sure it is patched regularly. Remote control software left running when not needed is a hackers dream.

I run TR on my windows box which means any changes to percentage, additional warm ups and cool downs or troubleshooting devices requires me to stop, clamber around the office chair and back to the bike assuming that I don’t need to change again.

It would be awesome if the mobile app could work as a remote control for simple adjustments.

I am searching to find it, but I am fairly certain there is an existing Feature Request posted for this.

Cool, I did try to search but probably used a different description.

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I will leave this here and just merge it if I find it. Fighting to find the right terms in search as well. Otherwise, Bryce may have a chance at cross-checking his info and might find it too.

Merged :+1:

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Super work! This post was missing the “feature-request” tag, and I had added that in my filter search.

I added it above, so I should find it if it comes up again. Thanks for the find! :smiley:

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