Programmable keypad for shortcuts

Just thought I’d share something I just added - a 6 key programmable keypad for keyboard shortcuts and adjusting workouts during the ride. I tend to fiddle without workouts during the ride, and using the mouse of normal keyboard during the ride is cumbersome. I picked up a little programmable keypad, and stuck it to the computer mount with sticky tape. (eventually I would like a proper removable mount, but this is fine for now.) This works quite well, and gets me all the adjustments a typically use during a ride. much nicer than fumbling with the mouse.

Seems well made, although the instructions are a bit lacking. This seems to be a small outfit using open source code and 3d printed parts, so I’ll excuse the lack of polish. It was easy to set up, and works nicely. Used a label maker to label the keys.


That’s a cool option. For the sake of covering the bases, this type of option and others have been mentioned in a few existing topics: