iPad Mini mount recommendations

Surprised I can’t find a topic on this so forgive me if this is a repost.

I’ve been using a laptop for TR/Zwift for ages and tbh it’s just a bit of a hassle sometimes (having it out of reach for one thing).

I’ve just picked up an iPad mini and am thinking about using it for the turbo so have been looking for a handlebar mount, but there’s so much choice of cheap tat on Amazon that looks like it’ll be a wobbly mess I’m finding it hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.

TL;DR: Do any of you have any specific recommendations of a decent iPad Mini (5th Gen) handlebar mount that’s sturdy enough that I’ll still be able to see my data in a hard effort?

Tons of options out there…

Which is exactly my problem. Have you used the Tacx one? Did you find it met the build quality expectations you might have from a European brand over the hundreds of knock off Chinese ones on Amazon?

Did you find it sturdy enough in high cadence efforts for example, any gripes or advice?

The Tacx tablet mount seems like a reliable choice at a good price. DC Rainmaker did a review and even took it outside.

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I haven’t tried it, but if I was gonna buy one, I’d start with that one based on design (out in front of HB) and brand.

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I have used the TacX tablet holder for several years to hold a standard sized iPad while stationary training. The only annoyance is that when in use the iPad is held very slightly off of straight on. Not in any way that detracts from its purpose but just enough to be noticed (at least by me).

It can accommodate tablets from 197 x 112mm up to 267 x 182mm. iPad mini is 203.2 x 134.8mm so no problem there. However, the bracket is too small for a large sized (12.9in) iPad pro.


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I’ve used the Tacx handlebar mount with an iPad mini for several months now. It’s sturdy, has a nice bit to put a bottle or your phone on as well and seems sturdy enough to last forever. Watch the DCRainmaker video to see him use it on some light bumpy trails with his iPad on.

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Fantastic, thanks everyone. You (and DCR) have convinced me.

I now have a Tacx on order.

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Hope it does the job well for you, enjoy!