Is it possible using 2 devices

I have trainerroad on my laptop connected to the tv. It is hard to change setting while spinning. If I use my cel phone mounted on the bike will it change the one on the laptop too?
Thank you

You either need to use your phone as a remote for the laptop, or cast the screen of the phone, i’d say.

I don’t think you can share the connection between the 2 devices.

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I’d imagine that that wouldn’t work. You would have both the laptop and the phone both trying to control trainer resistance at the same time but as independant operations as there is no communicaiton between the laptop and the phone.

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Considered a wireless keyboard? I’m using a Logitech K400r. Cheap, and the battery lasts forever.


What aspect do you find difficult? This is my set up too and can use the keyboard fine, is it just that the laptop is too far away?

When I was running TR through an android TV box, I used something similar to below. Actually, still going strong a few years later.


Yes it is far away 2 meter away

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Yup…I have a similar mini-keyboard. I put a 1/4 turn mount on the bottom of it and put it on my Wahoo computer mount. Sits right in front of my HB and I use it on Zwift to quickly give “Ride Ons”. activate power-ups, etc.

if I was running TR on my laptop, I could just as easily use it to adjust the program as well.

I used a car phone mount magnet stuck to one of the 1/4 turn mount, and then one of the metal discs stuck to the back. This is the set up I use now I have switched to using my phone for TR.