Windows Update and Standardisation


Wondering when the Windows App will be falling in line with the same features as the mobile OS versions? I think it’s been a reasonable time for the PC systems to fall in line an assimilate the TR vision. I’m thinking, Standardised metric availability, Extend warm up and cool down, ANT+/ BT Battery capacity…
@Nate or product managers?

Hey there!

We are wrapping up some things from the current project (Calendar), but up next on the Development Roadmap is a Desktop App Revamp :slight_smile:

We won’t have an exact ETA for some time, however, stay tuned in the Announcements section here in the Forum for any Beta testing opportunities.



Dynamic warmup and cool down is in beta now I believe. And as Bryce said major improvements to the desktop app are coming soon. The goal is to build it so we can release on Mobile and Desktop in tandem in the future.


Awesome news, Bryce! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Will this eventual update require me to have the Beta app installed? I uninstalled because I wasn’t seeing any mileage to having the app vs the regular.

That’s great, Nate - Thanks for getting back
If its in Beta, is it should be a matter of reinstalling the Beta Windows app again, yeah?

When the updates come out we’ll do a longer beta for them. We’ll let you know when that beta is out (via forum, blog and podcast). You could also just wait until it’s ready for prime time and we update the main app.

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Wow, I’d love a extended WU or CD option. Specific watts won’t matter, just a way to keep the timer running. Especially on the CD when sometimes you have a little extra time and want to extend the ride.


I believe it’s in beta on desktop now and should be fully released in the next week or so. It’s been on mobile for a few months.


what do you think of the idea of a real time link from desktop to mobile During workout?
Kind of like photoshop extended screen feature to ipad.
I like using the desktop app for all workout, but I love to have a secondary watts and timer intervals on my mobile screens specially for hard efforts where I can’t muster up to lift my heads to see my computer monitor?

PS im a window user that uses iPhone… I try to not use a single ecosystem lol

I would love a pc android link because my eyesight sucks and using the phone as a remote would be boss.

I haven’t thought about it. I will keep it in mind.

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