Pause recording if needed?

I am wondering whats the best way to handle longer interval durations in case the terrain forces you to stop pedaling, typically because of intermediate descends. Especially with longer endurance efforts like 50min non stop this is hard to avoid.

What I tried today was to just pause recording on my Garmin Edge 830 and continue when I could start ascending again.

TR still seems to notice that interruption:

But still, it accepted the workout as completed, which was my main concern.

Is that the right approach? I assume if I would not pause the recording and therefore the average lap power would drop below target, TR would count the workout as failed, is that right?

For endurance, I wouldn’t worry about it - you still did the work - a gap in the graph is fairly inconsequential. And right now all TR knows is that you told it you did the workout (though cold fusion WLV2 will change that in the future).

Different for higher intensity stuff, in which case you need to plan the route / adapt the workout so that your intervals don’t get interrupted by sections like this.

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Thanks. Yes, physiologically it doesn’t make a difference at sub-threshold intensities.
My doubt is more around how to make sure TR will count my workout as “successfully completed”.
I assume average “lap power >= target lap power” must be asserted for all intervals besides warmup, cooldown and rest.

Right now, for outside workouts, if you associate the ride with the workout it just assumes you completed it successfully by default - no analysis of the data involved. Only if you answer the survey ‘I did not pass’ will it see it as a failure.

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Really, it does not even check the average lap power? Wow, I thought that would be the most basic thing to do. How can anyone deal with “AI” if he cannot even do that.
Lol, I was proud to have all workouts completed flawlessly :frowning:

Anyways, thank you for the clarification!

It was in was in the ‘Too hard’ bucket for a long time, has been in the ‘We’re working on it’ one for quite a while, and now seems to be in the ‘Nearly, but not quite’ one:

(Bottom of that post)


Do your best to find routes that will let you complete the intervals as scheduled…but there will inevitably be times when you get to an intersection, traffic or a descent that will interrupt an interval. Hit pause and resume the interval as soon as you can.

Is it “perfect”? No, but you are still getting the work in. Our bodies are not so precise that a few occasional, imperfect intervals are going to make a substantive difference.

If your routes regularly cause you to pause almost every interval, do those workouts inside on the trainer.


Indeed, thats what I am doing. Just thought I need to “convince” TR that I succeeded by pausing my recording in case I had to descend for a min or two. But obviousely it doesn’t look at the data at all.

But in that cited post are they really talking about analysing structured outside rides, where you follow the power target intervals on your Garmin?
For what I understood, the thing they are struggling with, whats called WLV2, is the analysis of unstructured ride data (i.e. not following power targets on your bike computer). This is indeed a complete different level of complexity. And thats why I assumed that analysing structured outside rides is something they already can do easiliy.