Garmin and Outside ride, can you pause the workout?

I wonder can you pause the workout but not the actual ride. sometime we can hit heavy traffic, so i want to pause the workout but not the actual traveling time. and unpause the workout when traffic is cleared.

anyone tried that before? i am using edge 830.

I have a 1040 so it might be different, but there should be an arrow at the bottom (in like a half moon) that you can tap or swipe up and it shows the whole workout. It’ll have a pause button in between two arrows that skip from interval to interval. That will pause the workout only

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thanks, will try that.

530 works exactly how you described. When you’re following a TR workout outdoors, use the start/stop activity button to pause the workout. Resume whenever you’re ready. You’ll notice that the whole file is there when you upload to all the usual sites.

Yes you can pause/resume the workout or go to the next or prev block, all while the Garmin continues recording the ride.

To do this you need to go to the workout screen. The first seconds after switching to the screen there will be a blue half circle at the bottom. You can then swipe up from the bottom to enter the menu that allows you to do these things.


For clarity, I think this is specific to the Garmin standard workout screen, not any custom workout screens individual users have created. And pressing the stop/start activity button on the device itself does not seem to pause the workout step.

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You can pause a workout but the metrics of that workout continue so if you are in the middle of a sustained 20 minute interval and pause it, it will start telling you that you are below watt target and your overall average watts for that interval will report low even if you have sustained the watts except for the pause.


What I’ve done a few times pressed the stop button at traffic lights but you have to be careful not to save the ride and when you restart it the edge defaults back to the Garmin training page.