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Nate dropping bombs :bomb: Nate Oppenheimer Pearson
Can’t wait to see the new things coming :blush:


The only bug we have right now is when you add it to a plan, the first workout of the plan isn’t getting assigned the correct time frame. Once the team fixes that, it will launch.


It’s great to see you!! Thanks for sharing so much info. Great things happening!


So in summary, here’s what’s happening in response to some of the criticism in this thread.

TR is too hard

  1. Monthish - New plans with sunday rides being endurance rides. Wed/Friday rides on MV and HV are now easier but still respect your endurance PL level.

  2. Monthish - Master’s Training Plans. Designed for athletes over 50 or athletes who have poor recovery (shift workouts, new parents, high stress jobs, poor recovery, poor sleep, etc). They only have two intense days per week and the rest are endurance days.

  3. Launched today - Rest assigned in certain “failure” outcomes of workouts. We also added something by hand that if someone KEEPS failing workouts that we’re going to have support agent reach out and see what’s up.

We have a lot of high level athletes on our support staff and we’ve been having some of them go through USA Cycling Coach certification. We then combine that with our own company knowledge to hopefully get people back on track before they get too burnt.

And as others have said…you could always just rest :smiley:.

  1. After Master’s Plans - Redlight Greenlight built into AT. This will automatically adjust an upcoming workout if we think you’re doing too much work recently. The main reason for this is to change the training plan due to too much training outside.

This is pretty close to being done but there are a few bugs. We have the engineers that could work on it finishing the masters plans updates, so they will work on it after this.

  1. Launched - We’ve made updates to AT that move people more quickly or more slowly based on their performance. We launched this two months ago and it looks good, but we’re waiting for more data to make sure our probability of certainty is high when we share the data.

Flexible training time or number of workouts per week

  1. Launching next week - Ability to change the duration for each plan day of the week.

  2. Still in development - Dynamic plan builder where you tell us how much time you have to train, and we build you a custom training plan based around those constraints.

TR UI Improvements

  1. Still in progress - Updated TR web calendar that is faster, easier to use, and has more features.
    This is in development, ignore the stuff in pink and the plan settings stuff. That’s just for development.

    You can also add workouts from a new drawer on that page. :smiley:

We got to a point in our old approach where we’d fix one problem and create another. Crossing the last 10% was taking more than 90% of the time.

That work isn’t waisted, but now the team is trying a new approach to cross the last 10% chasm. We’ll be updating some WLV1 levels based on some learnings we have from this approach. This helps us finish our WLV2 framework.


People get upset if I share stuff too early…so I’ve been more quiet. I think that’s made it seem like we haven’t been working on anything.

And there’s more I haven’t shared :smiley:.

Sooo…everyone on the forum please keep it secret for now.
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I could actually use some feedback on this one.

On the next screen we’ll give you a recommended plan. But then we’ll let you edit it.

We’ll also let you insert in group rides and zwift rides into the plan and take that training stress into account.

As you edit it (like change the amount of days, or the duration per day) we’ll update the hours/TSS and change the “Plan Difficulty”.

What we’re trying to accomplish with that is to tell people that they might be planning too much or too little based on their training history.

Here are our plan difficulty categories:

  • Easy
  • Maintain
  • Productive
  • Stretch
  • Breakthrough
  • Not Recommended

I really like this approach, as we are more focused on telling you what to do, but also give you the flexibility to edit it yourself…but also tell you if you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

What do ya’ll think?


Thanks for awakening :+1: and giving insight! Much much appreciated!

Do you have a strict „only CEO shares features“ policy?
(Since all the other TR employees just hide behind „WLv2 stays top priority“ non speak for all those months)

Now just become a regular on the podcast again…“happy days“ as Shane gplama would say.


Yah, I am the only one who shares this stuff. We had a few times where someone shared stuff that wasn’t accurate, or was about to change, and people really held onto it and it did brand damage.


I think this is an awesome step. How are you defining these levels? Is it meaning a sustainable increase in PLs, or a significant change in FTP?


There are two approaches.

One is based on historic TSS and what you’ve done. It’s based on our data but a human can understand the algorithm.

We can then pair that with AI FTP Detection to give you a prediction of where your FTP would be at the end of the plan. It would kind of be like stock market retirement graphs. We’ve give a range and a likelihood.

The other is a ML approach that runs simulations with how likely you are to complete a plan. We might run that thousands of times for someone and then end up where they’d be with the highest PLs and FTP (They are correlated).

So basically it takes into account the likelihood that you’re going to complete the workouts, other than just what you’ve put on your plan.

The ML approach is obviously harder to do, but should also take even more of your data/history into account.

We’ll be launching first with the algorithm approach, then add the AI FTP prediction part. I’m not sure on the timing of the second two because they are harder problems.


Really like the added flexibility! Those categories remind me a bit of the Xert progression.

But maybe „Breakthrough“ is a too positive noun there (we all want to breakthrough a plateau) whereas it’s more like burnout there.


Good point.

We should call it “Crispy”.


Thanks for all the info @Nate_Pearson!

I’ve been very happy with Adaptive Training, but will be looking forward to all these changes as they are implemented.

The days and duration options in Plan Builder with the difficulty rating is great!

I thought that “Proof of Life” link was going to be a picture of you holding a spoon and a newspaper with today’s date on it :wink:


Or combine stretch and the next step into one point.

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Applying my marketing pedigree (I went to Kellogg, but never worked in marketing :rofl:), I wouldn’t brand this feature, as realistically people will already think this type of functionality is built into “Adaptive Training”.

Plus this feel like more of a feature of Adaptive Training than a product

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Or maybe just drop breakthrough and have it go stretch → not recommended


a bunch of thoughts, starting with my own example… 3 days of maintenance/conditioning (endurance) and 2 productive workouts, week after week, month after month, slowly pushing yearly volume from 7 hours/week to 8 hours/week delivered consistent results and multi-year increases in performance. Not sure what Plan Difficulty would get assigned. Can it really onboard and “see” that I am handling an average of 8 hours/week (at some intensity distribution)? Not that you can subvert human behavior, but I’ll toss this out and say my old self would be tempted to overzealously chase Plan Difficulty :joy: Because everything is easy when I’m staring at the top line on a screen :rofl:


How does all this play with triathlon?
Do you consider run TSS. Swims. Other activities/stress?

Will all those changes you mentioned in this thread also be available for triathlon or will triathlon stay as is now or be faded out?